Monday, May 4, 2009

Extract from UIPM Technical Newsletter April 2009

Singapore will host the First Youth Olympic Games that will take place from 15 to 26 August 2010. The competition dates for pentathlon are 22 -25 August.

1. Youth Olympic Games Competition Format:
􀂃 The Competition Schedule of Modern Pentathlon at the Youth Olympic Games will include
the following three events:
o Girls’ Individual
o Boys’ Individual
o Mixed Relay
􀂃 Each event consists of four Modern Pentathlon disciplines: fencing, swimming and
combined (running/shooting)
􀂃 The events are organised all in one-day
􀂃 Modern Pentathlon in the Youth Olympic Games will have the following Schedule:
o 22 August: Girls individual events
o 23 August: Boys individual events
o 24 August: Rest day – training Education activities
o 25 August: Mixed Relay

2. Individual Events: All Modern Pentathlon events in the Youth Olympic Games will be
implemented according the UIPM rules. The Competition Venues are all located next to each other within a school complex.
􀂃 Fencing:
o 6 pistes will be available (+ 1 reserve piste)
􀂃 Swimming:
o A 50m outdoor swimming pool with 8 lines will be used
o Athletes will be seated into one of three heats according to their personal best time
(achieved in the last 12 months)
􀂃 Combined Event (running - shooting):
􀂙 Laser pistols and electronic targets will be used in shooting.

3. Relay Event (team of 2 pentathletes):
􀂃 Relay with 2 competitors allows up to 24 relay teams to compete in a one-day format
􀂃 Athletes that will compete in the individual competition will take part also in the Relay Event.
􀂃 A relay team consists of one girl and one boy
􀂃 The teams will be set by a draw during the Relay Technical meeting. If there will be a
different number of girls and boys, the number of girls or boys will be trimmed by pre-draw.
􀂃 Specifications for the events:
􀂙 Fencing:
􀂃 Each relay team will fence against all the other relay teams. In a match a girl will fence against the other girl and boy against the other boy
􀂃 Each athlete will fence with an opponent in two separate bouts
􀂃 All relay teams will be grouped in fencing pairs (2 relay teams in a pair)
􀂃 The draw of the fencing pairs and the assignment of the pistes for Mixed Relay will be made by the Event Delegate after the Technical Meeting for the relay event
􀂃 The fencing pairs will be placed on the six (6) pistes plus the one reserve piste.
􀂙 Swimming:
􀂃 The swimming event is freestyle 2 x 100 metres relay race
􀂃 The girls start first
􀂃 Teams will be seeded into one of three heats according to the sum of their two personal best times achieved by each athlete in the last 12 months in 100m freestyle.
􀂙 Combined Event (running - shooting)
􀂃 The course for each pentathletes is:
• approx. 20m run;
• 5 Targets down (time limit seventy (70) seconds)
• 1000m run
• 5 Targets down (time limit seventy (70) seconds)
• 1000m run
􀂃 The girls start first
􀂃 Laser pistols and electronic targets will be used in the shooting event

4. Qualification System
Athletes born between 1 January 1992 and the 31 December 1993 can participate
• 24 boys and 24 girls will take place in the individual competitions
• Maximum of one (1) male athlete and one (1) female athlete per NOC will be admitted.
• The 24 places will be distributed in this way: 17 places by Qualification Competitions:
o Continental Qualification Championships that need to be organised in 2009, will give 9 places:
The place between the Continents will be distributed as follows
Asia 2 first placed athletes coming from different NCOs
Africa 1st placed athlete
Europe 3 first placed athletes coming from different NCOs
Americas 2 first placed athletes coming from different NOCs
Oceania 1st placed athlete
o World Championships that need to be organised in 2010 (as scheduled from 22 to 25 April in Uppsala - Sweden) will give 8 Places
o NOC Universality places will give 6 Places
o Host country, 1 Place for each gender
• Important Notice on the Qualification System:
o It is obligatory for the Continental Confederations to organise within 2009, special Continental Qualification Competitions for athletes born in 92 and 93 (as stated in the IOC qualification system above). Therefore, the athletes that are in the first year of youth A and athletes in the last year of youth B, (according to our Rules) have the right to participate in the above mentioned Continental Qualification Competitions.
o The 2010 Youth A World Championships in Uppsala, Sweden will be organised for Youth A according to UIPM rules
o Continental Confederations (except Africa for which the competition is within the official calendar) need to decide on the dates and the Location of these Continental Qualification Competitions

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