Sunday, March 29, 2009

Triathlon Family Sprint Race

Hey hey hey... the Trifam Sprint 2009 is back!
Format: 750m swim + 18km bike + 5km run
Date: 12 Apr 2009 (Sun)
Flag off time: 8am (compulsory safety briefing will start at 7:45am)
Venue: MOE Changi Coast Adventure Centre (website)9 Changi Coast Walk. Camelot Singapore (map)
Registration Fees: (to cover expense such as safety, rental of venue)$20 for sprint race
$6 for open water swim only

Registration and Payment
Registration has to be done online here
You can make payment via credit card by clicking on the "Pay Now" button at the bottom of the registration form.
Registration will be only confirmed upon receipt of payment before 10 Apr 09 (Fri)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Something's Brewing.... Updates and FAQs

Looks like we're getting some following here.... so far we've received some queries through emails and through our Facebook group. Most were asking how they can help out, while some athletes are eager to go for the Team Singapore try-outs....


And we sincerely thank you all for being so enthusiastic and ready to jump with us. The committee is working really hard to get the ball rolling and our priority is to get the selection trials up and going. I know everyone is waiting with bated breath and here's the good news: SSC (that's the Singapore Sports Council) has given us the verbal indication that we are an 'official NSA'. We kinda saw it coming, but we didn't expect the approval to be so long and oh-so-tedious. Anyway we felt that it would be better (and safer) to conduct selection trials only when we are officially endorsed as an NSA. This would bode well for our pioneer national squad as well since - as the local saying goes - it will give us 'more license'.
I'll reproduce some queries we've received so far and I'll answer them accordingly:

SIMPA is new and I'm excited about the prospects of taking part in Modern Pentathlon. I can swim and run but I don't have any experience in fencing, shooting or horse-riding (does riding the pony at the zoo count?). Can I still join SIMPA?

Of course you can still join SIMPA! As long as you have the interest in doing all 5 sports, we welcome you! We will be conducting clinics and try-outs for the lesser-known disciplines, so you'll have a chance anyway. If you're good, we might consider you to join our national squad. You'll then undergo more intensive training to meet olympic standards.

I've never been really active in sports until about 2 years ago. I don't like to just run or swim but I would like take up Modern Pentathlon because it's varied and not so boring. I believe with my tight work schedules, the 5 disciplines give me a compact and wholesome training routine. I'm basically 26 years old and sick of going to the gym. I'm definitely not national athlete material; I just want to help out and learn the 5 disciplines at my own time (but with some coaxing of course). Is it possible?

Wah! You are the perfect candidate to help us while learning the ropes of Modern Pent! We want you! You can train with Team Singapore as well as train at your own time. The flexibility allows you to - who knows - discover yourself. You may even be good enough to represent Singapore next time!

How can I help the fledgling SIMPA?
There are many ways you can help. We are on the lookout for passionate individuals who are willing to help us in organizing the selection trials. If you have some background in sports events, development and management (Army PTI, Phys Ed teachers/trainees, former or current national swimmer/runner/triathlete/shooter/fencer/rider), you're more than welcome to give us a holler. As SIMPA and modern pentathlon is so new in Singapore, we welcome all forms of help.

Are there benefits when I join SIMPA either as an athlete or volunteer member?
Oh yes! We'll groom potential athletes for the national squad (youth and adult). We are also in discussion with other organisations and companies to provide our members with perks (eg. discount schemes on sportswear, energy drinks, etc.)

Ok ok... I'm convinced and I want to join SIMPA. How to sign up as a member?
We'll post up the membership form very soon. Membership fees are $10 per year (it'll go into defraying some admin costs and setup costs). More details will be out very soon! Stay tuned!