Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Newsletter

1. NSA status update
SIMPA has finally gotten official approval by SSC as the newest National Sports Association! This means we can hold our National Youth Squad selection trials very soon! In view that most of our potential youth pentathletes will be busy with their mid-year exams, we are going to hold the selection trials at the end of May. We will update everyone on the details soon. Stay tuned!

2. Specific Volunteer Roles
We are recruiting passionate volunteers to help boost up the sport of modern pentathlon in Singapore. No worries if you have no idea of what modern pentathlon is about. Everyone's gotta start somewhere... so if you have the passion and some time to help us out, then it would be awesome! Here are the following volunteer positions open:
a) Technical officials :
Modern pentathlon is a technical sport involving 5 disciplines. Technical officials will have to undergo a training course and will be involved in events leading to the YOG and beyond. Volunteers for Tech Officials will need to be committed but your involvement will reap many benefits such as being called up by the UIPM to perform official duties in local and overseas meets.

b) Logistics I/C:
We need someone to lead the logistics team, and be the liaison to handle all equipment. It's like being the quartermaster for SIMPA.

c) Medical I/C:
You'll be in charge of first aid and emergency procedures, including liaising with medical personnel, planning evacuation routes, etc. Experience as a doctor or paramedic would be preferred.

d) General volunteers:
You are an important bunch of people we need to rely on to keep everything running smoothly. You may join on a long-term basis or by event. Sign up now so we can have a database of volunteers to call upon.

e) Event coordinator:
If you have experience in running sporting events and interested in joining SIMPA as a volunteer event coordinator, raise your hands!

If you're interested in any of the above volunteer positions, please contact Anthony ( or Charlotte (

3. Interested youth athletes
We haven't forgotten you coz we are looking for YOU! If you think you are fast in the 200m swim and 3km run, then you can join us for the trials! Knowledge of fencing and shooting is a good-to-have, but not necessary for the trials at this stage. SIMPA will conduct training sessions in fencing and shooting for any athletes selected to be on the provisional national squad. These will be held during the June holidays. Some of you might be trying out for the Triathlon try-outs... well, don't let it be a constraint coz SIMPA is also an avenue for you to be in the Youth Olympics! In other words, we welcome you in our team too! Let us know if you're interested and we'll send you first-hand news.

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