Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 - The Year in Review

Alright, so everyone's asking where we all went in 2010?

Certainly not on cyberspace coz SIMPA was all out for the inaugural Youth Olympics Games, and running all over Singapore to primary schools and community centers to introduce the sport of Modern Pentathlon to all of you.

Say 'hi!' if you were one of the 5000 kids who learned something about the exciting sport that allows you to fence, shoot, run, swim and ride a horse!

We also represented Singapore in international games in Britain and Sweden. Our national pentathletes comprising of Valerie Lim, Jianghan and Lianhan fought their way through inclement European spring weather to finish their youth events.

Valerie Lim represented Team Singapore at the YOG. She blazed the trail and finished 17th out of 24 female pentathletes. In the Mixed Event, Valerie paired up with her Ukrainian male counterpart to finish 7th out of 24 pairs!

SIMPA also trained and mobilized more than 50 National Technical Officials (NTOs) and thanks to them and Karen Myers, the YOG was a success!

So that was the gist of the hectic 2010. What's next for us for 2011 and beyond?

Here's a sneak peek of what's next... and YOU could be a part of it!

1. National Trials
2. Some international competitions for our national squad
3. More training for our national squad
4. We'll go to more schools (say Hi to us if you read our blog and we'll give you a surprise!)
5. Biathle races (First race in March 2011)
6. And many more!

Stay tuned....... and Happy New Year from the SIMPA team!

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