Saturday, November 7, 2009

So you wanna be a volunteer?

We've been getting quite a lot of enquiries about volunteering with SIMPA. Most of the questions were mainly on how volunteers may help at the YOG.

First of all, let me take the opportunity to thank the many people who have stepped up to volunteer with us. Are we looking for more volunteers? Of course we are!

Let's take a look at your questions:

Q1. How can I help as a volunteer?

A1. You may help us as Technical Officials (NTO), Sports Specialists Volunteers (SSV), or general volunteers. Each classification of volunteers requires a different set of responsibilities and a different set of training.

Q2. Can I only help out at the YOG?

A2. You are welcome to join us as a volunteer for the YOG and in any of our upcoming events. The YOG is not a means to an end. Volunteering with us or in any NSA allows you to expand your volunteering horizons. If you choose to be a Technical Official, you might even have a chance to be a world-class referee. The YOG is only a stepping stone to more official volunteering opportunities.

Q3. I want to know more about my roles as a volunteer.

A3. We are always looking for volunteers. As you may see from the above Q&A, there are plenty of opportunities for you. It is difficult to explain everything here. I suggest that you contact us at to tell us what you think your commitment levels are, or let us know if you are interested to be an NTO (eg. technical referees), SSV (eg. timekeepers), or general volunteer (eg. ushers).

Q4. If I had signed up on the SYOGOC website and indicated that I want to be a volunteer, do I still have to register with SIMPA is I'm interested in volunteering for the modern pentathlon event?

A4. Well, it never hurts to email us directly to let us know of your interests! SYOGOC may have thousands of volunteers who go to them and they may be overwhelmed with many specific requests. We will take your inquiries if you are interested in helping SIMPA. Don't be shy to ask us!

Q5. I heard about the recent NTO Training Course that was conducted in late October. I missed it, but I would still like to volunteer as an NTO. Can I still volunteer as one?

A5. OF COURSE! Please send your email to us at and we will give you more details of how you can start volunteering for us!

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